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"Before the procedure, I was miserable: frequent sinus infections, heavy snoring, a weakened immune system from antibiotics, and a reduced ability to enjoy sports and exercise, especially at high elevation. The Sinu-Clear procedure changed my life! I am heli-skiing like a guide again, sleeping well without snoring, training, and exercising like I did 20 years ago. I can fly on frequent business trips without the fear of a cold, and generally living a much, much higher quality of life. Thank you Dr. Paley!"
- Russ H., CEO of Grapevine Software

"Dr. Paley, it's been a year since you convinced me to do the "Snorectomy"! This letter is to thank you again for pushing me to do that. My recovery period after the procedure was limited to a few days of drippy nose; my breathing improved, the customary allergy spring months were minimal; and my wife has stopped kicking me at night in response to my snoring. Your simplified procedure, including outpatient treatment and absence of "packing" made it a relatively painless experience. In retrospect, I should have listened when you first recommended the procedure ten years earlier. Thanks again for your persistence, and also for billing in such an efficient manner that my insurance covered some of the procedure."
- Dennis D.

"Dr. Paley, I can breathe! It's like opening the barn doors. I no longer snore, my nose is now straight, and I can sleep for long periods at night. I'm saving over $50 per month on nasal sprays!"
- Cydney K.

"The procedure performed has had a dramatic impact upon my physical life. Weight loss of close to 20 lbs., major reduction in snoring, no sinus infections requiring doctor attention this past winter and no reoccurrence of arrhythmia. Further, my cardiologist has begun reduction of medication one and altogether eliminated another related to my cardiac status."
- Robert B.

"I have had nose surgery for a deviated septum and large turbinates. I found the procedure and recovery to be unremarkable as I had only mild discomfort, and no pain! The results were well worth going through the procedure."
- J.B.

"Dr. Paley, I am so happy with the outcome of my nose job. The procedure was very easy to go through and was relatively painless. Most importantly, my nose came out looking very straight and natural. Since the procedure, I started dating girls that I could never get before. It has been a success, because I now have a beautiful young girlfriend. Dr. Paley, you're the best!"
- Ari W.

"Dr. Paley, thank you so much for taking me around my busy schedule. It worked great for me. The rehabilitation went just like you said it would, which made it pretty easy for me. I also have to thank you for my new ability to breathe. I cannot remember when I could breathe through my nose. I am 50 years old and every doctor I have seen had told me, "Well, you broke your nose a couple of times. There is nothing we can really do about it." I'm sure I broke it wrestling, playing football, or fighting. But that means I haven't had a breath of fresh air in close to 45 years. And then there's the throat thing you did. My daughter came home that first night and the next morning said (all excitedly) "Dad, you don't snore anymore!" When my children were young and we went on vacation, they absolutely refused to sleep in the same motel room with mom and myself. They would put their OWN money together to buy another room. I have no idea how my wife was able to tolerate it all these years. She never said a word. Thank you, Doctor."
- Kent G.

"I just want to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my "hooter"! I have had constant sinus pain and congestion for at least the last 10 years and since I had the surgery with you in March, I have not had one single headache. You are a real pleasure to work with- whenever I needed anything it was incredibly easy to contact you. You seem to genuinely care about your patient's wellbeing and I felt you really cared about me being in pain and wanted to do all you could to help alleviate my headaches. And your staff is absolutely terrific. I really enjoy being one of your patients! Again, thanks for your skill and dedication."
- Jake R.

"My sister-in-law's sister Katy had traditional sinus surgery and confirmed the rumors. It is brutal. After three days they pulled the packing out of her nose and the pain was excruciating. Her face was bruised and swollen and did not heal for two months. Three years later she claims there is little improvement. She has nothing but contempt for her doctor.

With Katy in mind I searched for and found a better way. Dr. Paley and Sinu-Clear™ are the only way to go. There was no packing, bruising or swelling. I didn't feel real good the first week but I was breathing through my nose right after surgery. At no time did I feel a need for pain medication.

The second week was when I realized a miracle was performed. My airways were wide open like never before. I no longer need sinus medication and feel no need to irrigate my sinus several times a day in the ongoing struggle to breath that was my life before. Medication for the asthma I never had is out the window as well. I am no longer coughing violently all night and am sleeping better. My blood pressure is even a little lower. The quality of life is so greatly improved in such a short amount of time. It is hard to believe but so good. If you are in need of sinus surgery Sinu-clear is the answer."
- Gary J.

"I have been sitting here for a while trying to figure out the best way to begin this letter, yet I am not sure how I could ever truly convey how grateful and thankful I am to you. I thank you for treating me with the utmost professional and experienced medical care.

As you know, the day I arrived at your office I was miserable. I simply was at the end of my rope. I had already been seen by two prior doctors who tried to treat me without success. I remember thinking that I would go the rest of my life feeling this way. Being a mother of two, I just had to keep going regardless of how I felt. Nevertheless, I was suffering and unable to face the day with the energy and vigor that I had once felt.

As soon as I met with you I felt a sense of peace and trust. This does not happen to me often. I just knew that I was in good hands.

I am only ten days post-surgery and already feeling better than I thought possible. My air passages are clear...they really are!

I was at Shabbat dinner this past Friday at my sister-in-law's house. She knew that I had sinus surgery but was unaware that I had Rhinoplasty as well. I sat across from her for three hours, seven days post-op, and she did not mention a thing. I couldn't believe it. I have since seen friends who like her seem oblivious that I had plastic surgery. I love it!

Dr. Paley, you are my angel. I just want you to know that I will never forget you. Thank you. I wish you and your family an abundance of health and happiness."
- Gal M.